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GIA Returns to Printed Diamond Dossier Reports
GIA will return to producing printed GIA Diamond Dossier reports beginning April 9. All diamonds in GIA laboratories on April 9 or submitted on or after that date for the Diamond Dossier service will be returned with a printed GIA   more
Largest Israel Diamond Exhibition Ever Opens
The 10th Israel Diamond Exhibition 2023 opened today to a record number of participants: 450 buyers from over 40 countries, on the huge trading floor of the Israel Diamond Exchange. This is the first Israel Diamond Exhibition since 2020, and the   more
LMHC makes progress on laboratory report harmonisation, discusses current challenges in detection of corundum treatments
Holding its 30th meeting in Basel, Switzerland, the Laboratory Manual Harmonisation Committee (LMHC) has reported notable progress in the harmonisation of language used in laboratory reports. The participants in the meeting also discussed and shared new research findings on the treatments of gemstones, and in particular corundum. The LMHC meeting, which took place on December 5 and 6, 2022, was hosted by the Swiss Gemmological Institute SSEF.   more
Time is ticking down
The World Diamond Council has revised its System of Warranties (SoW), which includes the standard Diamond Warranty Statement that all members of the trade must include on invoices and memo documents each time a natural diamond changes hands. The right to use the original Warranty Statement will expire in 2024 or 2026, depending on what sector of the business you are involved in. The process of transitioning from the original to the revised SoW is simple and will only take a few moments.   more
Events & News
Bharat Diamond Week 4th edition launched!
The 4th edition of Bharat Diamond Week was launched today at Bharat Diamond Bourse with much Fanfare. Dr M’zée Fula-Ngenge, Chairman African Diamond Council was the chief guest along with Mr CP Singh Chauhan, IRS, Jt Development Commissioner SEEPZ and Mr Senthilnathan, Chairman ECGC. Dr. Ngenge in his inauguaral address spoke on the strong bond that the Indian   more